Do you like suspense, with a little romance added for good measure? How about inspirational fiction from a Christian perspective? You can have all three in Irene Hannon’s Private Justice Series.

The three books in this series revolve around Phoenix, Inc., a private detective agency comprised of  former law enforcement officers. Ex-homicide detective Cal Burke is the founder of the agency. He is joined by former undercover ATF agent James (Dev) Devlin and ex-Secret Service Agent Connor Sullivan. All three are still quite young and committed to justice. Their motto is “Justice First.” They also have a standing rule, “Absolutely no personal involvement with any clients.”

The professional demeanor of the three detectives and their classy office are in stark contrast to the person greeting those who enter the agency. Meet Nikki Waters, the young, spiked hair, tattooed receptionist. But don’t let the punk rocker looks fool you. As you read this series, you will discover that there is much more to Nikki than meets the eye.

The Christian aspects of these novels are usually subtle and revolve around how the characters handle the challenges in their lives, such as “Does the end always justify the means?”

Each book features one of the detectives as he takes on a new case. Even though the cases are different and each book could stand alone, I recommend reading the books in order. There is usually a reference to some occurrence in one of the previous books, and if you are anything like me, you want the details!

Vanished (Private Justice #1)

It’s a stormy night. Newspaper reporter Moira Harrison is lost, driving on a dark and desolate road, when she swerves in the failed attempt to avoid hitting someone who has suddenly appeared in front of her. She hits a tree. Before she blacks out, she remembers a man coming to her aid and telling her he would check on the victim and call 911. But when she awakens an hour later, she is alone. She calls for help herself and then goes to check on the person she hit, but she can’t find anyone. When the police arrive they can find no trace of anyone else and there is no record of anyone calling in the accident. The authorities are convinced she either hit an animal that wandered off, or perhaps she is imagining it all due to her head injury. But Moira knows she hit someone. She goes to Phoenix, Inc., hoping someone there will believe her and take her case. Cal Burke agrees to take her on as a client. As he investigates, he soon discovers there is more going on than just a simple accident. Danger mounts as someone is determined that the truth remain hidden. And as they work together to solve this mystery, Cal and Moira’s feelings for each other begin to grow. The problem is, the agency’s strict policy against personal involvement with a client means he needs to get to the truth before he can consider a relationship with the pretty reporter. But first he has to keep her alive!

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Trapped Trapped (Private Justice #2)

Librarian Laura Griffith is not on the best of terms with her sixteen year old half-sister, Darcy, who has recently come to live with her. When Darcy runs away, Laura is determined to find her. She hires Phoenix Inc.’s James “Dev” Devlin to help. A blizzard has shut down all transportation, so Dev is confident that Darcy is still in town. As he investigates the case, he is convinced that while she may have started out as a simple runaway, it has turned into much more. Evidence mounts that she could be in real danger, and it is a race against time as they try to find Darcy before it is too late. The more time that passes, the more dangerous and deadly the situation becomes.

While finding Darcy is first and foremost in his mind, he also wants to further explore his growing feelings for Laura and he knows that can’t happen as long as Darcy is missing. Once they find her, Laura will no longer be his client.

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Deceived (Private Justice #3)

Kate Marshall’s husband and four year old son died three years ago in a boating accident in New York. She is now living in St. Louis. One day she spots a child that looks like Kevin. It is not just how he looks and sounds. She hears him say an unusual word Kevin used to say. Since his body was never recovered, she is certain that boy is her son. But he is whisked away before she has a chance to find out for sure. The authorities are very doubtful of her claim, so she decides to hire a private investigator.

Connor Sullivan, from Phoenix, Inc., takes her case. As he investigates,  he finds clues that show she may be right. As events unfold, Connor questions whether the accident three years ago was really an accident. Delving further into the case, the truth is even more shocking and unbelievable. Because, while Kevin may be alive, he is not in danger. The same cannot be said for anyone who is investigating the case!

As with his partners, Cal and Dev in the first two books of this series, Connor finds it hard to stick with their “No personal involvement” rule as he begins to fall in love with Kate.

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2 thoughts on “Staff Review: Private Justice Series by Irene Hannon

  1. Thanks so much for the review of and recommendation for my Private Justice books. You might like to know that “Deceived” just won a RITA award (the “Oscar” of romance fiction) from Romance Writers of America. It was my third win, which made me only the 16th author to be inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame in the organization’s 35-year history. Hope your patrons enjoy these books!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and replying to the review. It was really awesome to hear from the author!
      I really enjoyed each of the books. I have also read your Heroes of Quantico series and highly recommend those books, too.

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