Dengeki Daisy vol. 1

Hello my lovelies! I am back with another series that I found on our shelves. Since I don’t review a lot of Shojo (girls’) pieces, I’m incredibly excited to bring to you a new title. Actually, it’s a title that I have just found. This series is called Dengeki Daisy. This series starts off by introducing the main character, Teru Kurabayashi. She is a sixteen year old girl who recently lost her brother and caretaker, Souichirou. In his last moments, he made sure to give her a cell phone with a very specific contact: a mysterious friend of his named Daisy who will help her in her time of need. She doesn’t know who he is, but she relies greatly on Daisy for emotional support. She grows to trusts and love him implicitly.

After Teru breaks a window, she is told by the school custodian, Tasuku Kurosaki, that if she cannot pay for the window she must work it off. She is redubbed his servant, and is forced to work for him.

Their relationship starts off incredibly rocky, with Teru constantly yelling at Tasuku to “Go Bald!” along with other insults and Tasuku routinely pushing his work off on to Teru. There are moments, however, when he does show genuine concern for her and makes her question how he feels about her.

What she doesn’t know, at least in the beginning, is that Tasuku is the very Daisy she looks up to and loves. He was tasked by Souichirou before his death to take care of Teru as much as possible. He originally started by just being a shoulder that she could lean on. As time moves on, he gradually starts falling in love with her, and even goes so far as to get a job at her school so that he can look after her.

Another main point to mention is that Tasuku is an incredibly gifted hacker. This got him into big trouble in the past, and his how he met Teru’s brother Souichirou. Conveniently, a lot of the plot points center around computers and being able to hack and crack codes.

This series mainly focuses on the changes in the relationship between Teru and Tasuku and the relationship between Tashuk and Souichirou that brought him into Teru’s life.

I picked up the series after I was told by multiple people that it was very sweet (and to quote them, “fluffy”). I expected only the cute moments of the main characters falling in love, but I was pleasantly surprised by the action (I mean as action packed as hacking computers can get). Shojo usually equals TOO MUCH DRAMA, which is why I had given up on the genre. I have to admit though, this series gave me hope. I finished the whole series (including extra chapters) in about three days. It almost makes me want to go out and buy the collection for myself.

We have up to volume eleven at the Central Library and the lone volume sixteen at the South Norfolk Library. If you get interested in the series, request the other volumes! We’ll listen!

Well that’s all the information I have for you today! Stay golden my friends!

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