IMG_4113Familiar Bluet damselfly on Clover

Four times a year local nature photography enthusiasts get together at Chesapeake’s Central Library to display and share their photos with each other. Their photos are projected onto the library’s big movie screen, and everyone talks about the photo and when and where it was taken. We all learn a lot from each other about local wildlife and nature, and where to go to discover new things.

During the month of July, twenty-one of these photographers will be showcased in a photography display located at the entrance into the Central Library on Cedar Road. Each photog selected one of their favorite photos to be enlarged into an 11 x 14 print and framed for the display.

These photographs can be viewed and admired anytime during the library’s hours of operation. Come take a look yourself, and learn something about the nature and beauty that surrounds us! To whet your appetite, here is a sampling of some of the beautiful work that you will see:

Dudley Olcott Turks Cap Lily Shenandoah NP ATurk’s Cap Lily by Dudley Olcott (Shenandoah National Park)

 William Thomas Green Heron at Pleasure House Point JPEG AGreen Heron by William Thomas (Pleasure House Point, Va. Beach)

Carlos edenton light (1 of 1)Edenton Light by Carlos Hernandez (Edenton, N.C.)

Denise Call outerbankssunriseSalvo, NCOuter Banks Sunrise by Denise Call (Salvo, N.C.)

Stuart Water drops on spider web 11by14 300ppi AWater Drops on Spider Web by Stuart McCausland (Va. Beach)

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