A goliath of a book, David Foster Wallace doesn’t joke. As one of the great literary giants Wallace was known for breaking barriers in fiction; challenging the notion that books have to be easy and breezy. Clocking in at 1,079 pages and 388 end-notes, each sentence propels us forward as better readers and better people. Time Magazine names it one of the 100 best novels published in English since 1923. Have I sold you yet?

Infinite Jest joins a long legion of books under the genre of “Encyclopedic Novel.” The term was popularized in 1976 and for an idea of what falls under said category here are a few novels to consider:

  1. Finnegan’s Wake
  2. The Divine Comedy
  3. Moby Dick
  4. War and Peace
  5. Ulysses
  6. The Intructions

You ask me, why pick up this brick of a book during summer? This is supposed to be my down time, a light book for the beach is what I’m looking for! That brings me to the beauty of “Infinite Summer: Infinite Jest.” Started in 2009, “Infinite Summer” challenges readers to finish Wallace’s greatest works in a summer, completing around 10 pages a day. I’ve already started and will keep you updated once I get halfway through. Knowing this is on the internet, I’m hopeful it will motivate me to not lose track or forfeit the challenge.

A copy from CPL can be found here!

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