Contractual Obligation

Musical artists and their record labels have a long history of contention. Countless musicians have found themselves creatively and economically squeezed, anaconda-style, by the shackles placed on them by bad record deals and the boundless greed of the music industry. Of course the industry has always had the upper hand in these proceedings, holding artists hostage to their legally-bound recording contracts. This phenomenon has resulted in a plethora of albums created to break record deals or fulfill contractual obligations, allowing artists to put the mess behind them and move on to greener, more creatively-free pastures. These albums have ranged from the strange to the downright terrible. Who could forget Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, for example, with its layers upon layers of feedback and distortion that were about as calming as fingernails on a chalkboard, or Van Morrison recording an album with songs about ringworm and eating sandwiches. And then there was Marvin Gaye, who famously gave the finger to both his record company and his ex by fulfilling his contract with an album, Here, My Dear, that gave a blow-by-blow description of his marriage’s disintegration. Just as we instinctively stare at car wrecks on the interstate with morbid curiosity, the lure of these albums, with all of their blood and guts strung out for public display, is strong. Continue reading “Contractual Obligation”

Talented Customers!

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Connecting with our community often begins when customers need one of our many services and visits our library. However, we can initiate relationships by asking them to assist us with a program. There are many talented and creative customers who are waiting for the opportunity to share their talents and time, at no cost.

What Valuable Resources!

Ms. Robyn Griffin, (daughter of Renee Coker-Griffin, an Information Specialist at the Major Hillard Library) has graciously and beautifully portrayed Princess Tiana for four years at Major Hillard. Many of our young customers had their dream come true when they met a “real princess.”  Continue reading “Talented Customers!”

Welcome to…

jurassic park animated GIF

… Jurassic Park.”

Do you remember where you were when you heard those words for the first time? I saw Jurassic Park in a theater on the Outer Banks in June of 1993. I drove by that old theater recently and it is now a Starbucks. There has to be a social commentary in there somewhere.

While it may not hold the same impact as the day that Kennedy was shot or the Moon landing, I have found that the first viewing of Jurassic Park (1993) does resonate to a surprising degree. Regardless, Jurassic Park is the gold standard in which I hold all movie special effects still to this day. In my opinion, the suspension of disbelief and the seamless blend of animatronics and CGI have never been better than this one film which is now over twenty years old. I guess that child in all of us stood in awe of seeing that Apatosaurus on screen for the first time.

Continue reading “Welcome to…”

Soul Eater – Anime/Manga Update!

Hello, lovely people! I have returned with another series that I think is pretty fancy and beautiful. This series is another Shounen (boy’s) series, which is near to my heart (as if you haven’t noticed by now). The series that we will talk about this post is Soul Eater!

There is a special school located in the fictional Death City, Nevada, named Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) where special students attend. About half of the students there have the amazing ability to turn themselves into weapons due to a specific mutation of their soul. The weapons they change into can range from gauntlets all the way to scythes. The other half of the student body is dedicated to the students with the ability to wield these weapons, called meisters. Usually, a strong bond is forged between the weapon and meister, and the manifestation of the bond is called Soul Resonance, where both the meister and weapon link their souls together. It is a weapon and meister’s goal to eat the souls of 99 evil people (called kishin eggs) and one witch’s soul to become a Death Scythe, one of the most powerful weapons in the world. The school is run by Death himself and there are 8 weapons that he specifically uses, called Death Scythes: one for each habitable continent, with Europe and Asia divided into the East and West. Continue reading “Soul Eater – Anime/Manga Update!”