Can a person ever have too many books? I know you might not agree, but for me the answer is “Yes!”  Books have taken over my home.

I think they multiply themselves whenever they are laid upon any flat surface. I haven’t seen the top of my beside table for years. They are now beginning to stack themselves up on the floor surrounding my bed, and have even begun to march resolutely down the hallway.

nightstand reading

That’s why a public library is such a good thing. Yea, Libraries! You can go in and read any book you want, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Then, when you are done, you return it to the library and it’s not hanging around cluttering up your house.

Read. Return. Repeat. My favorite R words!

What can you do if you have too many books? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is pass them on to others to read – family, friends and co-workers. Or, you can donate them to schools, shelters and senior centers. You can drop them off at Goodwill, Habitat For Humanity or King’s Daughters Thrift stores.

Or… you can look at Chesapeake Public Library’s Pinterest account at our Book Crafts board and turn them into your next art project! Go ahead and look. It’s addictive!

I decided to give some of the ideas a try:

I thought I’d try out Zentangle first.

Choose an old book.

This is when you remove a page out of a book and draw on it. It’s not too hard, and it’s kind of fun, but my drawing skills are sadly lacking. I’m sure you could do better.

Remove a page. Remove a page.

Draw on it. ( I traced my hand.)Draw on it. ( I traced my hand.)

The other craft that really interested me was Blackout Poetry. This involves circling random words on a page and blacking out the rest. The first book I choose for my “poetry” was a decrepit looking encyclopedia. The smell of the paper nearly did me in, and the words I gleaned from this page didn’t sound very good, nor did they make much sense.

It smelled really bad!It smelled really bad!

“Suddenly, there are chills and the pulse quick. (Symptoms of a source of danger, usually fatal.)  Mortality has in all times been regarded as nothing of consequence. Hence, the name some have properly employed as scenes in the life of a poet.”

Influenza and poetry don't mix.Influenza and poetry don’t mix.

Well, it WAS an encyclopedia and the page I chose was INFLUENZA through INGEMANN, BERNHARD. So I tried again with a couple of pages from Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. On one of them I just drew lines through the words I didn’t want, and on the other, I blacked out everything except the words I chose.

Good old Harry Potter!Good old Harry Potter!

The “poetry” from the first one read:

“Harry was a hero. In a booming voice, Harry shouted “Umbridge.” The cool glass felt soothing against his car. Lit by candles, in a pool of light, knelt a man – pulsed with anger.”


2 Methods

The second attempt read:

“Was the whole place whispering? They know you. They believe you. The pages have been bewitched; wiped magically blank. Squeaking sugar mice said, “Shh!” and hurried away.”

Okay, stop laughing. You try it. It’s harder than it seems.

I think I’ll just stick to silhouettes. I’m really starting to like the smell of permanent markers.



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