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Connecting with our community often begins when customers need one of our many services and visits our library. However, we can initiate relationships by asking them to assist us with a program. There are many talented and creative customers who are waiting for the opportunity to share their talents and time, at no cost.

What Valuable Resources!

Ms. Robyn Griffin, (daughter of Renee Coker-Griffin, an Information Specialist at the Major Hillard Library) has graciously and beautifully portrayed Princess Tiana for four years at Major Hillard. Many of our young customers had their dream come true when they met a “real princess.” 

The princess, of course, read Disney’s Princess and the Frog and signed princess books belonging to our young customers. There are several copies in our system available for checkout. Our little princesses received makeovers and polished nails with their moms’ approval. “Princess Tiana” shared jewelry from our treasure chest as well, and pictures that will always be treasured were snapped. Ms. Robyn is a graduate of Hampton University and a local model. She resides here in Chesapeake.

FullSizeRenderWhat a gorgeous smile, from a beautiful princess!

Sometimes, the library gets visited by some furry friends! Ms. Sharon Coffey and Mr. Dana established and run the Chesapeake Guinea Pig Rescue. Loving Pets Needing Loving Homes, is their motto. My granddaughter adopted a guinea pig (Otis), and took him home to Georgia. He is doing well and comes to visit me when they’re on vacation.

guinea pigsPhoto by  Mikerussell at en.wikipedia.

The bunnies usually visit at Easter. However, once a month, the children read stories to them during the Bunnies and Books class.

IMG_0082This is a picture of ‘Walter’, and he visits all the time. He’s such a good listener and loves to hear the children read.

Sergeant David Rosado from the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office has a variety of presentations to offer, from a self-defense workshop for women to anti-bullying for children. The Be a Buddy Not a Bully program features Magic with a Message. How awesome is that?

Officer Rosado, one of our local heroes!

I have been fortunate to have worked with these talented and special people over the years. There are several others who I can always count on to bring their pets for a visit. For example, last summer, therapy dogs visited the library to show off their training.

If you are interest in collaborating with Chesapeake Public Library, please call your local library to find out how to get started.

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