So I took the advice of my manager and tried a new adult fiction novel which was totally outside my Young Adult Fiction comfort zone. She said it had dragons in it… and let’s face it who can resist dragons? Not this girl!

china zoo

The Chinese government has been keeping a big secret for the last 40 years. Now they are ready to roll out the red carpet and invite some big wigs to the unveiling of the world’s greatest zoo. These VIPs and journalists are assured that the zoo they will see will surpass all the other zoos in the world. This is China’s bid for supremacy over the United States – something to surpass Disneyland. Don’t be alarmed by the dragons they said – they cannot hurt you. Cue the sarcastic, “Yeah, right!”

Many of the reviews for The Great Zoo of China have compared it with Jurassic Park. I can’t officially give a yea or nay for this theory because I have never read or seen Jurassic Park. From what I know of it though, The Great Zoo of China is a very similar story.

I very much enjoyed the characters and dragons. The characters were witty and charming, and the dragons were fierce and intimidating. I will admit that I was hooked immediately until it dropped the pace. It took a little while to pick back up, but it was well worth the wait. Once the action kicks back in – IT DOESN’T STOP. Check it out from one of our branches today.

The Great Zoo of China

china zoo

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One thought on “Jurassic Park – but with Dragons?

  1. This sounds fantastic! I love dragons, and will just about anything with dragons in it at least once. Also, this reminds me a little of Robin McKinley’s “Dragonhaven,” which is also in our system. If you had fun with this one, I’d suggest checking that out as well. Good review!


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