Staff Review: Bound by Lorelei James


If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James, you will be blown away by Lorelei James’ Bound, the first title in “The Mastered” series.

When Amery Hardwick’s employee Molly signs up for a self-defense class in reaction to being mugged, Amery goes along for support. While at the dojo, she catches the attention of Sensei Ronin Black, owner of Black Arts, who is intrigued by her defiance and decides to personally get involved in her martial arts training. Soon, he begins to train her in more intimate settings – encouraging her to release her inhibitions and explore her sexual boundaries by using the ancient erotic arts of Japanese bondage. While being literally tied up into knots, Amery must come to terms with Ronin’s experienced, erotic skills and his mysterious past. Can she come to terms with his secrets and how he makes her feel, or will she leave him?

You can find Bound and other titles by the author, Lorelei James, in the Library’s collection. Enjoy!

Jurassic Park – but with Dragons?

So I took the advice of my manager and tried a new adult fiction novel which was totally outside my Young Adult Fiction comfort zone. She said it had dragons in it… and let’s face it who can resist dragons? Not this girl!

china zoo

The Chinese government has been keeping a big secret for the last 40 years. Now they are ready to roll out the red carpet and invite some big wigs to the unveiling of the world’s greatest zoo. These VIPs and journalists are assured that the zoo they will see will surpass all the other zoos in the world. This is China’s bid for supremacy over the United States – something to surpass Disneyland. Don’t be alarmed by the dragons they said – they cannot hurt you. Cue the sarcastic, “Yeah, right!”

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Star Wars Read-A-Thon: In a Library Not So Far Away

As you may have noticed, the geek world has unofficially declared 2015 the Year of Star Wars. With a brand new movie coming out in December, and the existing saga being released in digital format for the first time, there’s plenty to get excited about. My coworker and fellow geek Joe has been valiantly covering the latest news on the new movie, and led an excellent trivia session for our Free Comic Book Day event here at the library.

What you might not know is that Star Wars is a lot more than just movies.

last command  tarkin

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At Home Literacy Activity – Sight Words

What kid wouldn’t love a cute little word-a-pillar like this one?

What are sight words?

Sight words, or high frequency words, are the words that many teachers recommend children memorize or recognize on sight.  These words are often difficult to decode because they don’t follow the rules established for decoding English; in other words they are hard to sound out.  In the 1930’s a gentleman, by the name of Edward William Dolch, created a list of the 220 most common words found in children’s literature and determined that by recognizing these words children would gain better fluency in their reading.

How will learning sight words benefit my child?

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