Hello, my lovelies! I am back with something just a little bit different from what I usually talk about. As most of you probably know, Chesapeake Public Library carries video games in their collections. And a few of those video games are games that I have either played or own. And when I say played, I honestly mean I’ve obsessed over them. Like, they were the background on my computer and phone at one time or another for a LONG time. ANYWAYS — I would love to share with you more than just art and stories from Japan in book format. So I think we should again, start with one of the most popular titles in the U.S. of A today: Final Fantasy! But we will be discussing a specific one, because unless noted by their titles, each Final Fantasy game has a different plot than the previous. So today, I would love to talk about Final Fantasy X!

This story starts off in the beautiful city of Zanarkand. It’s a technologically advanced city located in the middle of the ocean. Pastimes include fishing, shopping, and an underwater rugby-like sport called Blitzball (which is a pain to play in game, honestly). We are introduced to the main character Tidus who is a prodigy with blitzball. The only person in all of Zanarkand who is better than him is his estranged father Jehct, who disappeared without a trace ten years prior to the beginning of this game. As Tidus rushes to a big blitzball game, a Playable Character (PC) named Auron is introduced with a bright red kimono and a large sword strapped to his back. During the intro, the big beautiful city of Zanarkand is attacked by a giant monster, with little creatures coming off of it to attack innocent civilians, including Tidus and Auron. Entering a quick tutorial, you learn how to fight just in time to be sent through some dimensional time warp, and landing at a worn and decrepit temple (later identified as Baaj Temple). After escaping death by multiple monsters, called fiends, he is rescued by a race of outcasts named the Al-Bhed. He explains that he is from the city of Zanarkand, but is warned by the girl that helped him, Rikku (a future PC), not to tell people that. Zanarkand is a mystical place that is very important, which thoroughly confuses Tidus. She also explains that he is now in a world called Spira. Before he can ask anymore, his ship is attacked by the same monster that first attacked at Zanarkand, aptly named Sin.

He is again transported to another place, but this time, it is on a lush tropical island named Besaid. After showing off his sweet blitzball skills, he meets Wakka. Wakka states that if Tidus helps him win a blitzball tournament, maybe they can help him find someone he knows so that he can go home. After reaching Besaid Village, he is introduced to Lulu. She comes off as a cold woman, but there is one person she cares about more than even herself: a summoner in training, named Yuna. It is explained that summoners can bring forth powerful entities named Aeons, though not much more is explained. We also meet Kimarhi, who is of a lion-like race called the Ronso. As Yuna is a summoner with a goal of defeating Sin, she is in need of guardians (Lulu, Wakka and Kimarhi). Tidus also finds himself as a guardian and learns that when Jecht disappeared, he was transported to Spira becoming the guardian of  Braska, Yuna’s father guardian, until he could go home.

As the game progresses, we find more and more about the secrets of Spira and about the past that Auron, Jecht, and Braska shared. We also learn more about Yevon, the religion that rules the land of Spira, and how it is not exactly what it seems.

This game also has a sequel which focuses more on Yuna and her adventures after the first game. Unfortunately, I can’t tell too much of the premise because it will ruin the game. The original game has been out since 2001… still, it’s more of a story with Yuna coming into her own as a heroine.

I have to admit. It took me a while to beat this game. You don’t level up the traditional way. And before playing this game, the only console game I had ever played was Kingdom Hearts, which will let you know when to level up. In this game (and a couple other Final Fantasy games) you have to consciously go into your main menu and level up, which can be your downfall if you don’t pay attention to that tutorial at the beginning of the game. Which I didn’t do. And I wondered why the HECK I couldn’t beat enemies that I saw people on YouTube beat in like FIVE minutes. Which frustrated me. When I had finally had enough, I realized that I hadn’t leveled up my party. Which made me relieved. I didn’t think I was THAT bad at video games.

This game is very pretty, full of beautiful colors, amazing scenery, and great use of graphics, although the HD remastered version doesn’t do it enough justice. This plot was possibly my favorite of any Final Fantasy titles. And it’s not because it just happens to be the first Final Fantasy I’ve ever played.

I would definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you like JRPGs. The plot can be confusing at times, but I wasn’t as confused playing this as I was playing Final Fantasy XIII.  We have one copy at the library which you can put on hold with the link.

Next time, I’ll probably come back with another Anime/Manga series, but I just wanted to shake it up a bit. Until next time my friends. Stay Golden!

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