What are three ingredients you need to create welcoming, inviting and comfortable public spaces? Light, space and color. The Major Hillard Library has all three, plus a great parking lot, vestibule, the largest children’s room of any of the area libraries, wonderful daytime light and furniture that’s still holding its own (pretty much) after 15 years of public use.

Most importantly, Major Hillard’s floor plan lends itself to creative space planning, whether we’re going for informal conversation and seating spots, browsing areas, places for shifted and new collections or bookstore model marketing features.

An ingredient you don’t need? Clutter. Over the past few weeks, we’ve reduced one area of visual clutter by creating a new seating area near the entrance and opening up space simply by shifting existing furniture, shelving and materials.

Entryway @ Major Hillard
Entryway @ Major Hillard

New fiction books now greet customers when they first enter; the books are shelved so the covers face out to make browsing easier.

New Items on Display
New Items on Display

The DVD collection has been moved to a display wall and closer to the windows for better lighting and accessibility.

DVDs- relocated shelves
DVDs Before
DVD wall display @ MH photo 2
DVDs After

The paperback collection has been weeded and interfiled with hardback fiction. Interfiling paperbacks with hardbacks helps us weed out poor condition and unused paperbacks and makes it easier for customers to find titles by popular authors (who sometimes write for both the hardback and paperback markets).

paperbacks interfiled with hardbacks 3
Paperbacks and hardcovers are now interfiled.


The new home for Large Print is now up front. This makes it easier for those who prefer large print to reach them. Opening up space lets us create a new informal seating area that’s welcoming and comfortable. All this activity also gives us the chance to finally wash those shelves, after 15 years of daily use!

Large print at the front of the library.
Large print at the front of the library.

Design on a dime? Piece of cake! We went one better… we designed without one.

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