Jeopardy preschool style!

This at home activity encourages reading with your preschool-aged child and discussing the stories that you read to help your child with comprehension and memory.  I have adapted this activity for home use from The Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for Three-year-olds by Kathy Charner (page 99), which you can check out from the Chesapeake Public Library.

Materials needed are:

  • Bag
  • Pencil
  • Index cards
  • Variety of books


  1. Storytime.  Designate a special time and place to read with your child.  As you read together, talk about the different things that happened in the story (i.e. who are the characters, what were some of the things they were doing, what happened at the end?).
  2. Your favorite thing.  Have your child tell you their favorite part about the story, write it down on the index card, and put it in your storytime trivia bag.
  3. Keep it up.  Do this for a few days.  Because the activity is new, I suggest that you start off doing it for three days in a row, then stop for a day or two. Gradually increase the number of days between the reading/game activities. Your child’s ability to recall the stories and games should begin to  improve.
  4. Game time.  After 3-5 days have your child pick one of the index cards out of the storytime trivia bag. Read what was written on the card, and see if your child can remember which story it came from.

Reading together, also known as shared reading, is the most important way you can prepare your child for reading.  By reading together you will increase your child’s vocabulary and general knowledge.  Children learn how print looks and how to use books properly (i.e. front to back/left to right).

Engaging in simple activities that involve talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing help children get ready for school.  Children who enter kindergarten with pre-reading skills have greater success throughout their school years.

Checkout these resources at the Chesapeake Public Library

The Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for Three-Year-Olds

preschool 3

The Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for Four-Year-Olds

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