Hello, you amazing people you! I am here to talk about another series that I find very interesting but very confusing. It’s one of those series that… well, how do I explain? You have to literally be paying attention to EVERY little detail. I’ve found that if you miss one thing in an earlier book, you’ve missed half a volume later. This time, we shall delve into another Clamp classic: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chornicles!

This series starts off in the peaceful Kingdom of Clow. We are introduced to the princess of the land, Sakura, and the son of an archaeologist, Syaoran. (They are not the same Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura but they look exactly like them.) They have been friends for years, and have fallen in love with each other. And while they dance around their feelings, everyone including her older brother, King Toya (who doesn’t like Syaoran) notice their attraction to each other. All in all, their life is easy and uneventful.

That peace ends, however, on an excavation of ruins deep beneath Clow. As Sakura has snuck into the excavation site to bring lunch to Syaoran, a supernatural event occurs. Falling into a trance-like state, wings suddenly appear around Sakura before quickly dispersing as feathers. Catching her as she collapses, as well as holding onto a feather, Syaoran notices that the feather is absorbed by Sakura. However, she is cold to the touch and close to dying. The High Priest Yukito tells him that he must send them to The Dimensional Witch in order to save her life. Without a second thought, Syaoran agrees to go see her, and he and Sakura disappear.

When Syaoran and the unconscious Sakura arrive, they are met by a beautiful woman, with an elaborate outfit. Before they can confirm who she is, two more people arrive, both from different worlds. With all parties accounted for, the woman explains that she is The Dimensional Witch (Yuko from xxxHolic), and that for a price, she can help all three achieve what they truly want. The first is Kurogane, who is banished from his world until he learns what true strength is. All he wants is to return to his world. However, his price is that of his prized weapon. Reluctantly, he parts ways with it. Second is Fai D. Flowright, a powerful magician who wants just the opposite of Kurogane: to get as far away from his world as possible. The price he pays is a large magical seal found on his back. As for Syaoran, the price he must pay is his “relationship” with Sakura. As they gather more feathers and more of her memories return, Sakura will never remember Syaoran as being part of her past. With a heavy heart, he agrees, and the four are given a white talking rabbit-like creature, named Mokona. It has the ability to not only traverse different worlds, but also to sense whenever one of Sakura’s feathers are nearby. With all payments received, they group is sent on their way to another world to start their journey.

During their travels, however, the group is constantly being watched by a mysterious figure named Fei Wang Reed. He stays in the shadows, but it is revealed early on that he is the cause of all of the events in the series. Yuko knows of him and his plans, but she is powerless to interfere, save for few times when other characters have made wishes for the benefit of the main characters.

I remember not wanting to read or watch this AT ALL. When I heard the premise of the series, which was that the main characters would literally be going to each world to find ONE feather per world, and that there were so many volumes, I pumped my breaks. I just knew that it would be the most boring series I could think of. Even after I had fallen in love with it’s sister series xxxHolic, I couldn’t bring myself to read it because of my prejudice. It literally took me until the end of January 2015 to start reading it. (Mind you, I was introduced to Tsubasa when I was about 13. I am 21 now.) I finished it in a few weeks and felt such a combination of emotions that I just can’t explain which one is strongest. But it’s probably confusion, as indicated by Syaoran.                                                                                        

The huge downside to this series is how much is going on at one moment. I honestly believe that they made xxxHolic into another series because Clamp felt they couldn’t put that story into Tsubasa without completely overwhelming and confusing the reader. And even without that, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. There are also so many characters from their previous series that make cameo appearances, Clamp has made it so you subconsciously want to read different Clamp series. At least, it did for me.

In the library, we have every volume EXCEPT 26. Which is kind of important, but I think you could get along without it. Scans of the chapters from that volume are available online, so if you really needed to read it, it’s not impossible. It’s barely even a struggle.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this nugget of information. Until next time, stay golden my friends!

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