The Tuck family has a secret. When Winnie Foster runs away from home, she stumbles upon Jesse Tuck, who accidentally gives his family’s secret away. The Tucks must make Winnie understand the gravity of this secret. It could be dangerous. By explaining how they came to be the keepers of the secret and giving her some much needed attention, they endear themselves to her. But their secret really isn’t safe after all; a stranger is following them with the intention of selling their secret of never growing old, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

So which one should you check out, the book or the movie?

I watched Tuck Everlasting about 13 years ago. I fell in love with the story, but I really attribute my love for the movie to the gentleman playing Jesse Tuck; Jonathan Jackson was a super heart throb in my teenage years and every time I even think about watching the movie, I start to drool.

I didn’t even know the movie was based on a book until I came across it on the shelf at the Dr. Clarence V. Cuffee branch. I read it in one day and fell in love with the characters all over again. The movie follows the book pretty well, with a few subtle changes. As an adult I enjoyed the book, but I think I will always love the movie more.


In the book Winnie is about 10 years old, but the movie takes liberty with her age making her seem a little older. They become very fond of each other, and near the end, Jesse asks Winnie to drink from the spring that will keep her from growing old. In the movie, their relationship seems more realistic. When he asks her to drink from the spring, I feel like she will say “Yes, I will drink and never grow old with you! I totally love you Jesse Tuck.” The book’s portrayal of their relationship falls a little flat for me… mostly because she is 10 and he is 17ish. The book does not build their relationship up as much as the movie does, and it just felt more creepy in the book when he tells her to drink from the spring.

So back to the original question – Which should you check out, the book or the movie? Personally I would check out both. The book is short at only 139 pages and the movie is 90 minutes. You could do both in one day! Or have yourself lovely weekend adventure.

You can check out the movie or the book at the Chesapeake Public Library!

Tuck Everlasting on DVD


Tuck Everlasting 


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