Are you looking for an epic horror series? One that combines nature, contamination, expeditions and shady corporations? Then Jeff VanderMeer has the 3-book series for you.

Annihilation starts us off by following a biologist on her first expedition into an area now known as Area X, where the laws of nature are twisted and this haunting landscape has a mind of it’s own. She discovers a variety of disturbing elements within Area X and, from there, the other two books search for answers to this unknown wilderness. We get perspectives from people within the corporation known as the Southern Reach, who is authorized by the government to spearhead expeditions into Area X and discover it’s secrets and whether or not it’s a threat to the otherwise untouched parts of the planet. Sometimes you get more questions than answers, and other times there are answers you wished you hadn’t unearthed. Some parts of the novels are a little slow and overly detailed (the second book is definitely not as great as the first or third), but otherwise the eerie tone and desperate search for truth will keep you turning the pages.

Fans of the horror genre, the television show LOST and otherwise beautiful book covers will not be disappointed.

Links to each book in the catalog can be found below:

1. Annihilation

2. Authority

3. Acceptance

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One thought on “The Southern Reach Trilogy

  1. I keep seeing these covers around and wondering what the books are actually about. Sounds fascinating! I love horror, and LOST, so I’ll definitely check these out.

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