All Aboard for the Library Express!

Central Library, 298 Cedar Road

March 7 — 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
March 8 — 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The Tidewater Modular Railroad Club and the Tidewater O Gauge Association will present its annual train program March 7-8, 2015. Throughout the weekend, there will be model railroads set up and running in the center of the library on the first floor and in the meeting rooms. This year we will also feature a new group, Kids Run Trains, who will allow kids to operate the trains under supervision. There will be something for train lovers of all ages, so please join us for this fun event.

Check out some photos from past events on the library’s Facebook.



Art A La Carte

Artists have the reputation for being moody, self-absorbed creatures who are prone to suicide. Yes, Vincent Van Gogh did cut off his own ear after an argument with another artist named Paul Gauguin.  Paul Gauguin did quit his job as a stockbroker, abandon his wife and five children and move to Tahiti to paint.  But does this have anything to do with the art they produced?  I mean, creativity doesn’t actually require angst, does it?  I sure hope not.

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Bet You Didn’t Know …

Libraries are usually thought of as places where books are housed and computers are available for public use. They’re seen as a hushed and quiet place where people browse through shelves of books, sit at tables studying for their next exam or surf the internet. Of course, Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) has plenty of great books to read, as any reader of the CPL blog can see, and many, many computers for internet and word processing.

I bet I can name six services CPL offers that you don’t usually think of when you hear the word library! There are many other services beyond these, but these are sort of a “Big Six” that’ll have you rethinking what your local library can do for you. Best of all? They’re all free! Continue reading “Bet You Didn’t Know …”

Yu Yu Hakusho – Anime/Manga Update

Hello, my internet readers! I would like to talk about a series that is dear to my heart. One that I have been interested in since the days of old. And by that, I mean I’ve liked this series since a little before ten years ago. Meaning, this series is pretty old. But it’s one of those good ‘90’s series’ that everyone goes on about. You know, because anything from the 90’s is significantly better than anything that ever was or ever will be. At least according to the internet. I’m babbling now aren’t I? Well, I suppose I should go on with the series: Yu Yu Hakusho. Continue reading “Yu Yu Hakusho – Anime/Manga Update”