This was by far my most favorite horror graphic novel to date. Emily Carroll’s folk tales and illustrations weave a thread of anxiety and unease as you turn the pages. Some stories are definitely more frightening than others, particularly “The Nesting Place” which I made the mistake of reading just before bed. A few images could be labeled as downright grotesque, but are tame in comparison to most horror-related graphic novels. The coloring is utterly beautiful and each page is stylized to unite each story within an overall aesthetic. If you’re looking for fairy-tales gone very, very wrong you won’t be disappointed with this quick read.

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2 thoughts on “Through the Woods: A Horror Graphic Novel

  1. My favorite (and to me, the creepiest) story was “Our neighbor’s house”! I loved this book. The illustrations are so colorful and well-done, they trick you; look closer and you see the horror.

  2. I’ve been trying to find a good comparable horror graphic novel and I’ve been falling short. I thought the graphic novel “Beautiful Darkness” looked promising but it just didn’t latch onto that gothic horror genre I was looking for.

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