One of the more recent trends in tech is the smart watch. A variety of companies have been playing around and trying to make wearable tech from glasses (The Google Glass) to wristbands. The closest mainstream trend is the wristband utilized for fitness related capabilities (like Fitbit, Jawbone, and the Nike Fuelband) that can track your exercise, sleep and diet. Now companies are seeing that with the right price consumers are interested in wearable technology that is an extension of their smartphones and other app-related platforms like tablets.

The most talked about smart watch is the Apple Watch, which is on the highest end of the price scale. I’m a Mac fangirl so my opinion on Apple products are biased, but the Apple Watch is beautiful in design and offers some interesting new advances like haptic technology. However, there are a variety of other brands of smart watch that are much more affordable and offer a lot of the same features but with a different design.

Another experimentation happening with smart watches is replacing the sim card in a smartphone and placing it inside the smart watch, thus eliminating the need for a cell phone. This is still a risky move as some people are attached to the tactile experience of a cell phone and many wouldn’t want all their apps utilized on such a small screen.

A list of current and in-development smart watches can be found here!

Would you ever consider purchasing a smart watch? What kind of activities/apps would you use on a smart watch? Drop some comments below and let us know what you think.

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