Are you a fan of podcasts? Mysteries? True crime?
Then you will LOVE Sarah Koenig’s podcast “Serial.” Following the 15 year old case of a young girl murdered and a very shaky case against her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed, Koenig delves into the details, the evidence and the plot holes in each potential retelling of what really happened the day Hae Min Lee was found dead in her car. She speaks to a variety of officials, people who went to high school with them, and even Adnan from prison. You follow Koenig through her doubt, her frustration, and her ultimate search for the truth. The first season just ended 12/18 but a second season has definitely been confirmed which will follow a completely new case.

Want to check it out? Click here.

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4 thoughts on “Have you heard of "Serial" yet?

  1. “Serial” really did become a phenomenon. I do not recall any Podcast that has ever reached this peak media status. Sarah Koenig really did present an interesting true crime yarn that involved it’s readers in a case unlike any Dateline NBC or special on the TRU Network. This throwback to the radio serials of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s was well produced and equally well researched.

    As someone that has a degree in Criminal Justice, it was fascinating to be able to break down the chain of events and the testimonies to try and put the pieces together. Take one look at the Reddit regarding “Serial” and it becomes clear that millions of other amateur detectives were on the case. “Serial” ended up becoming an experiment in Group Think Crime solving.

    I agree with LibGirl, if you have a passing interest in true crime or mysteries, check this Podcast out. You will not regret it.

  2. Glad serial has another reader’s vote!

    What I loved most about “Serial” is how quickly you can become invested in this story and that’s definitely evident in the Reddit tags and chat forums I’ve seen. I think it really irked some people that there wasn’t always a definitive answer so some people took it upon themselves to do their own investigating. I particularly enjoyed the timelines posted on the Serial webpage.

    For those interested Jay Wilds has finally spoken out on the website called “The Intercept”.

  3. It seems like everyone I know is talking about this podcast. I’ve never been into podcasts, but I might have to check this one out!

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