Within the past year or so the historical fiction series “Outlander” has regained popularity among women young and old. What started this renewed interest? The television network STARZ recently started adapting the first novel into a series!

Originally published in 1991, Outlander was Diana Gabaldon’s attempt at a practice run for a historical novel, but her readers loved it so much she went on to write seven more (and counting!). The story starts with our main protagonist and narrator Claire Beauchamp, a married WWII British nurse, who touches some magical stones on her honeymoon in Scotland and is catapulted back in time to 18th century Scotland during a time of great political upheaval and uprising. For most of the novel she spends her time using her medical knowledge to help others while trying to get back to the Stones that put her there in the first place. To save her from an evil English soldier named Black Jack Randall (who looks shockingly like her husband in the future!), she marries a strapping Scottish lad named Jamie Fraser, whom she eventually falls in love with and is then torn between two men and two places in time. It’s a wonderful novel of adventure, medicine, history, love and lore.

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Thus far the STARZ show has only had eight episodes out and is currently in a mid season hiatus until April. Each one of those eight episodes are incredibly true to the books and when they do deviate it’s to include even more historical and cultural details of the time. The costumes are amazing and for those who knit and crochet there are already fans who have started creating patterns based on the knit wear Claire sports. All around a great show with many things to offer a variety of types of fans. Check it out if you can!

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