When Claire leaves for college she gives her sister Andie a book that she has put together to help her survive High School. Andie discovers that while some of Claire’s information is exactly right, some of it is not.

Judging from some of Claire’s statements below, which do you think are true? Leave your answers in the comments section. Thanks!

1.  If anyone asks you what you did this summer, don’t tell them you worked at the library. Not if you want a prom date. (This is MY favorite.)

2.  Don’t wear a new “back-to-school” outfit the first week of school. You will stick out. It’s best not to try too hard.

3. Your social class will be influenced by who you ride to school with. Order of coolness: A. Carpool with older student driver, B. Driving yourself, C. Bus, D. Walk, E. Carpool with Adult Driver  [Remember, if you have the misfortune to be in group E. don’t let Mom or Dad wave, beep the horn at you, or take a picture!]

4. Don’t ask for help from an upper classman. This will show weakness and they can’t be trusted.

5.  Don’t answer any questions in class voluntarily. The rest of the students will take it out on you later.

6. Rooms to avoid: The Art Room – this is where the unpopular people hang out, The Boiler Room – this is where people go to make out, The Gym – If you are a girl, everyone will think you don’t like boys, The Library – Don’t be seen here or you will be branded a Nerd for life!

7.  Don’t decorate your locker. Don’t put a padlock on it either. You’ll just be asking for trouble.

9.  Dating Facts: You will not want to date any of the boys in your 9th grade class. There will only be one upper classman who is “crush-worthy” and he is not interested in you.

10.  Wait until you get home to use the restroom.


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