I found an awesome blog the other day while browsing Pinterest: Dyan Robson’s And Next Comes L! I was searching for interesting projects that teachers or parents can create to help their children with print awareness and literacy and the Matching Pole came up. I went to Dyan’s blog to see how it’s made, and guess what? It is incredibly easy! Here is the link to the blog – And Next Comes L. Try this simple activity at home. With the holidays upon us now, you could easily use leftover wrapping paper tubes and Christmas tags as supplies.

Supplies you will need:

  • Wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes
  • Sticky labels, Christmas tags and stickers
  • Scissors
  • Marker


Cut the wrapping paper tube to a desired size


Using the marker, write letters, numbers, sight words, rhyming words, or anything else you would like your child to match up on the tubes and the sticky labels.


Give directions to your child. You may have uppercase letters on the tube and lowercase on the stickers, or maybe you decided to use rhyming words. Whatever choice you made to encourage your child’s literacy skills, be sure to explain to them how the matching pole works. Here I used matching numbers on one tube and matching lowercase to uppercase letters on the other tube.


This is a fun activity that should keep your child entertained while you do some chores around the house. Children love stickers and these tubes are a much better place for them than your walls!

Have fun.

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