So… Layla is half gargoyle, half demon and demons, of course, are evil (as they are in most stories). But gargoyles… oh my gosh… Gargoyles. Are. Demon. Hunters.  And this makes the Dark Elements series wicked awesome for me and totally worth a shout out to Jennifer Armentrout for her story White Hot Kiss!

Layla has been raised with gargoyles and because of this she tries to deny her demon instincts. Under no circumstances can she kiss a living creature with a soul.  Because, well you know, when you’re a soul sucking demon it is best not to kiss those with soul.  Unfortunately, that totally includes the hot gargoyle you have been crushing on forever.

Layla’s life of marking other demons dramatically changes one evening with a tagging gone wrong and then she meets Roth.  Roth = Hot demon = kissing.  Super yes!  Of course Layla’s reaction to the hot demon difefers slightly from mine.  She finds that she is at the center of a demon uprising and trusting Roth has her going against everything she’s been brought up to believe which could also damage her relationship with her family and that swoon worthy gargoyle crush.

It’s hard to decide who the most crush worthy male lead in Jennifer Armentrout’s new series is.  While Zayne with his statuesque body (because, you know, gargoyles are statues… LOL) starts off as the strong, “I want to be a gargoyle too”, male lead, along comes Roth and BAM! You switch sides to become Team Demon.  The second installment in the series just hit the shelves this past October, and I am really excited to read it.  Look for them both in the Chesapeake Public Library catalog:

White Hot Kiss

Stone Cold Touch


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