The two Fairy Tale contenders this week are Rapunzel’s Revenge and The Last Unicorn.  Both of these books can be found in the Graphic Novels area of the Teen section of our library.  You may remember reading Peter S. Beagles book The Last Unicorn, but Shannon and Dean Hale’s take on the Rapunzel tale is entirely new.

Shannon and Dean Hale don’t use the traditional idea of Rapunzel in their story.  This gal is not a timid maiden imprisoned in a tower by a cruel witch needing to be rescued by a prince.  Oh, no! She has spunk and brains and soon escapes using her own hair as a lasso. The town she heads for is like an old Western, but peopled with other storybook characters. She battles wolves, outlaws and big snakes with the help of her new friend Jack.  Jack is a thief who has stolen a goose that lays golden eggs!  Now,  a giant is after him.  This story was lots of fun.


Peter S. Beagle’s story of a unicorn’s lonely quest is  just as lovely as it was when it was originally published way back in 1968.  The art work by Ray Dillion is beautiful.  This story is worth reading again if only to see these pictures. However, I think when you close this book, you will  want to explore the other things he has written too.

You are never to old to hear a fairy tale.


by Peter S. Beagle

Immortal Unicorn


The Innkeeper’s Song

by Shannon Hale

The Goose Girl

The Princess Academy

Forest Born


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