Okay, this is kind of a “Rule Breaker” because it is not listed as a YA or Teen Book.  However, since it is ABOUT a bunch of Teenagers (and pretty interesting ones at that) maybe it won’t be scratched completely off the list.  I’ll admit I watched the Netflix series first before I went searching for this book.  The series was great, but the book is good too.

Let me introduce the characters in this Fantasy/Horror to you with a quote from each:

PETER RUMANCEK , gypsy Werewolf – ” Did you hear your other name?”

LYNDA RUMANCEK, Peter’s Mother – “These fires go out, but the coals don’t.”

DESTINY RUMANCEK, Peter’s cousin – “Tell me why this is better than running.”

ROMAN GODFREY, rich Vampire –  “I see things sometimes.”

LETHA GODFREY, Roman’s cousin, Peter’s girlfriend – “Do you believe in Angels?”

SHELLEY GODFREY, Roman’s  sister – “Make your heart steel.”

OLIVIA GODFREY, Roman and Shelley’s Mother – “The blood of a slave makes a slave.”

DR. CHASSEUR , werewolf hunter – “God doesn’t want you to be happy.  He wants you to be strong.”

CHRISTINA WENDALL, Peter’s groupie – “You can kill me as long as you don’t hate me.”

DR. PRYCE, mad scientist – “Would you have rather she died?”

Read this book and let me know who your favorite character is in the comments below.



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