What is environmental print?  Environmental print is the print found in everyday life.  It is the name that is given to the print that you see on signs, labels and logos.  Children begin reading environmental print at early ages.  By doing this they are developing print awareness, one of the many steps needed when learning to read.

Today’s at home activity involves environmental print.  You can create your own environmental print flash cards or alphabet book at home.  It’s very simple and requires only a few supplies.

Supplies needed :

  • Index cards/paper
  • Newspaper advertisements, boxes, bags, and other items with brands/labels/logos featured on them
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Using advertisements from the newspapers, or other sources, cut out items your child recognizes.  Glue them to the index card or paper. Afterwards, write the first letter of the brand on the index card/paper.  Use them at home or on the go.  Have your child help you with grocery shopping by using the cards to make a list of needed items at your house.


Flash cards                                                                 Alphabet book page

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