“I Gave Her My Heart…”


Romantic comedy is a hard line to toe. If it is too funny, it becomes just a comedy. If it is too serious then what makes that any different than a standard drama with a strong romance plot? How do you achieve that happy medium that appeals to both male and female audiences? I have two words (and an ellipsis) for you, Say Anything… (1989).

This movie is one of my favorite examples of the genre. I appear not be alone in this ideology since others seem to agree. Even Entertainment Weekly listed it as the greatest modern movie romance! That’s right, better than Edward and Bella, more romantic than Pretty in Pink (1986) and greater than that time (get ready for another ellipsis title) When Harry Met Sally… (1989). So why does Say Anything… garner such high praise? Continue reading ““I Gave Her My Heart…””

At Home Literacy Activity – Environmental Print

What is environmental print?  Environmental print is the print found in everyday life.  It is the name that is given to the print that you see on signs, labels and logos.  Children begin reading environmental print at early ages.  By doing this they are developing print awareness, one of the many steps needed when learning to read.

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