What would you do for $50,000?

Every year in Carp, high school seniors have a chance to play Panic a game in which everyone has to face their fears and the danger is always 100% real. Players receive challenges from an anonymous panel of judges. Every flinch is taken into account and eliminations can be pretty grave. The thing is Carp has been a dying town for as long as anyone can remember and there aren’t many opportunities for success. These teens are desperate to catch a break and they’ll accept the risk which means some people just might die trying.

In the book participants declare their intention to play by jumping off a cliff into the water. To learn more about Panic, all you have to do is grab the book at your local library! (Do it!)


Thank you to Lauren Oliver (Author of Delirium), Harper Collins and CPL for the free read!!
Thanks to Giphy.com for the gif!

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