In Silver Shadows Sydney has just been kidnapped by the alchemists and taken to a rehabilitation center. She struggles to free herself while keeping her mind intact and her feelings for those she loves secret. She is considered a lost cause by all in the Moroi world except Adrian Ivashkov, who is determined to find her. No spoilers here! You will have to read the series from start to finish to find out what happens.

Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy spin-off Bloodlines is getting ready to wrap up. Bloodlines takes those minor characters you loved like Sydney Sage, Adrian Ivashkov, Eddie, and Jill and a few new comers and develops them deeper so that, as a reader, you come to love them just as much as you did Rose, Dimitri, and Lissa.

If you haven’t read Vampire Academy I suggest you get right on that. For those of you who haven’t, you do not have to have read the series to begin the Bloodlines series, it is a standalone series, but it feels too much like a continuation to not start at the beginning.

I for one am totally excited for the final book in this series. While I loved Vampire Academy, nothing beats Adrian Ivashkov in Bloodlines. He is by far my favorite book crush! The Bloodlines series has captured me from the beginning and having to wait for each book to come out has been excruciating. But you, my dear reader, do not have to wait as I did for this series. Books 1-5 are available at the Chesapeake Public Library and book number six will be available in February of 2015. That gives you plenty of time to catch up. Read the Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines series and before you know it The Ruby Circle will be in your hands and you will be doing a happy dance the same as me.

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