Courtney is a teenage drug dealer living in the suburbs during the aftermath of the zombie uprising.

By night Courtney works a deadend job at a local fast food joint along with her acerbic best friend. Together they charm (not really) the world with blase observations while standing united in their outcast social status with a handful of other offbeat characters.  They make dumb decisions. They take big risks.

At home Courtney feels disengaged from her seemingly oblivious father. The void seems to grow even wider when she wakes up to find his new love interest at the breakfast table one morning.

Courtney isn’t content rotting away in Zomburbia, she’s got a secret plan to escape her small town life and save the world.


I have very mixed feelings about this book. Here’s the problem: when I opened the book I expected a little Suburgatory (snarky sitcom with adorable and clever teen female lead) and a little Night of the Living Dead (George Romero’s genius movie that kickstarted the zombie sub-genre.) This book is really its own thing. It isn’t quite like anything I’ve read before despite the brain munchers.

Read at your own peril!!

Special thanks to NetGalley, Adam Gallardo and K-Teen for the free e-galley!
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