While I generally only post once a week, this bit of news necessitated a second post. Below you will find the brand new (and impressive) Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) trailer. I could not be more excited about this! 2015 is going to be great year for movies and this one ranks pretty high on my list of “must sees”.
So sit back and enjoy two-plus minutes of awesome. Sound off below on your thoughts regarding the trailer and especially that Hulkbuster armor! Also check out our selection of graphic novels here at CPL which continues to grow every week!


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4 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1. The trailer does a good job of evoking that feeling of epicness that all superhero movies strive for. I’m sure the actual movie will live up to the hype – this is the Avengers we’re talking about.

    Can we also talk about, for one hot second, how Ghost in the Shell might be getting a live-action version starring ScarJo?

  2. I am sure Scarlett Johansson will knock that role out of the park. I haven’t seen Lucy (2014) yet, but I heard a lot of great things about her in that film (even though we all know that the idea of humans only “using 10% of our brain” is totally bogus).

    I am surprised they are doing a Ghost in the Shell movie. I know James Cameron has been trying to make a Battle Angel movie for a long time now, but he got a bit distracted by blue aliens. Battle Angel has always reminded me of Ghost in the Shell for whatever reason. I hope they get Neill Blomkamp from District 9 to direct.

    I personally and still holding out hope for a really good Akira film. There was a great short fan film a few months back that gave me hope as to how one could be done.

    Thanks for the comment and again I must stress how psyched I am for Avengers II. I AM PSYCHED!!!

    1. Oh man, I would be all over any remake Neill Blomkamp is attached to. District 9 is one of my all-time favorite movies. I am also eager for an Akira remake. I haven’t seen the short. Where can I find it?

      1. Sorry for such a late reply. Here is the link to that Akira fan film. I can only hope that if Hollywood ever tries to actual make Akira that they understand the source material enough to do it this well.

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