This is a battle of the Fairy Tales!

The Transfigured Hart  by Jane Yolen is a lovely, lovely little story contained in just 110 pages about a boy and a girl who see a unicorn in the woods.  Or do they? 

Richard is a lonely little boy who is being raised by his Aunt and Uncle since both of his parents are now dead.  They don’t understand his shy, bookish ways and he often escapes their constant meddling by going into the woods to read or draw.  One morning he sees what he thinks is a white unicorn.

Heather is the youngest daughter in a home  full of teasing older brothers.  She escapes the noise and rowdiness by riding her old horse in Five Mile Woods, where she sees what she thinks is an albino deer. She is determined to keep this sighting to herself, least one of her brothers decides to go hunting for it.

When Richard and Heather stumble upon each other, they vow to keep the secret and protect this creature. Then something magical happens!


An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey is an even shorter story – just 94 pages long. But it is packed with wonder! Though it has nothing to do with the actual story, one of the things that I just adored about this book was the fact that each page was framed with a little scene from the book.  Like this:

This is EXACTLY the way all Fairy Tale Books should look!

Meanne (pronounced “Mee – ann” or “Mina”?) runs away from her home to escape an unwanted marriage her Father has “arranged” for her to a man she cannot love.  She hides in an abandoned hut deep in the forest.  A runaway servant boy named Wisp arrives at the hut the next day also seeking shelter.  He has been severely beaten.

They work together to start a new life, protecting each other and sharing their gifts – but not their secrets.

I won’t reveal their secrets either. You’ll have to read the book!

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