Let me start by saying “I love Pinterest!”  As a former preschool teacher, pinterest has aided me in many lesson plans and provides a wonderful spot to find new ideas to teach the same old thing.  With that said, one of my favorite activities (found on Pinterest)  is Vanessa Levin’s Nursery Rhyme Fluency Sticks.  These sticks create a fun and playful way to engage children in reading nursery rhymes.  Check out one of the many nursery rhyme books the Chesapeake Public Library has to offer and read them in these fun and crazy voices.

Engaging in simple activities that involve talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing, like the one above, help children get ready for school. Children entering kindergarten with pre-reading skills have greater success throughout their educational journey.

Click here to pin this activity to your own Pinterest or click the link below the picture to go directly to Vanessa Levin’s website.

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