Anime Choice #2 ~ Bleach

Hello, my lovely Otaku/ otaku in training! I have returned to give you another series to explore. This time, we’ll be talking about a series that is very near and dear to my heart. Actually, I can legitimately say that it’s my favorite Shounen (Action)  series. But just because I love it so much, that doesn’t mean I won’t be harsh about it. Because in my opinion, there is a lot to be harsh about. So, let’s dive right into our selected series: Bleach! Continue reading “Anime Choice #2 ~ Bleach”

Win, lose or draw: Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


One evening, the front door of a house is left open by a murderer, as he creeps in to kill the family.  The only survivor is a toddler, who wandered out of his bed, out of the house, and down the street into a graveyard (while the murderer was busy).  The toddler, named Nobody (Bod for short), is adopted by ghosts and grows up in the  graveyard.  He is given ghostly powers and instructed to stay in the graveyard, because it is the only place he will be safe from the man that murdered his “before” family, who is still looking for him.  However, Bod doesn’t always do what he is told…

VERDICT: This is a great book for the Halloween season.  Gruesome story line and setting, but great writing.  I loved “watching” Bod grow up and experience his different adventures, in the graveyard and outside of it.

A new version of this book has been released in graphic novel form, divided into 2 volumes. Seven comic book artists each take a chapter of the book and illustrate it, into their own version.