Usually a graphic novel is either filled with beautiful, colored artwork and has very little plot – or – tells a wonderful story with plain, no-nonsense drawings.  This book does neither.  These slim, 130-pages are drawn in simple black in white with hardly any words at all.  Indeed, the first ten pages  dialogue is contained here:


“What is it?”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.”

 “Your father’s suddenly fallen very ill.”

This is a Fairy Tale (of sorts).  It has a King who everybody is trying to kill; the King’s daughter, Eleanor, who wants to escape from the castle; and Elenor’s bethrothed, who is in on the plot to kill the King (her father). Not a very happy household!


Along the way a subplot is inserted about a “commoner” named Sam.  This boy lives outside the castle with his girlfriend who breaks up with him because he uses drugs. When the construction company he works for gets a job inside the castle, he meets Eleanor and she asks him to take her to a seaside town she once visited.

If you are feeling sorry for Eleanor, don’t!  Sam is not the first outside she has tried to escape with.  The last one was killed by her fiance.  If you ask me, the King is the most likeable person in the whole story  – and he kills his entire cook staff when he survives a murder attempt by poisoning!

And BTW,  the only reference I could find to the title is one lone picture of Eleanor feeding some birds in her garden.

I give it a 3 out of 10 points.


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