Early Literacy and CPL


Early literacy is what a child knows about reading and writing before they can read and write. Children are eager learners.  Parents and caregivers, as their child’s first teachers, can use this excitement to help prepare their children to be ready to read and write. Early literacy skills are an inherent part of most children’s lives. Early literacy educators seek to identify these skills for parents and caregivers and demonstrate for them ways to enrich their children’s early education. There are five components of early literacy: Continue reading “Early Literacy and CPL”

Zombie R/Evolution


When I was in high school the one type of movie monster my friends and I always thought was under represented and held such enormous potential were zombies.  There was (and still is) something about asking yourself, “what would I do if the dead suddenly came back to life to feast on the living?”  Zombie films are one of the few horror tropes that some people actually wish they were dropped into.  No one wants to be stalked by a slasher, or hunted through the moors by a werewolf, but being placed into a zombie apocalypse… sure why not!

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