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Mushi shi


MUSHISHI?! How on Earth did I end up here, smack bang in a middle of this wide-eyed and reason-free land taken over by some mysterious creatures, called sweetly but completely unlikely, “Mushi”?.. Not exactly Fullmetal Alchemist or Ghost In The Shell, I knew that before I even started watching, but I thought I’ll give it a go! Half way through the first episode (23 minutes or so each, btw, including the insanely long sing-along intro) and I knew I was caught hook, line, and sinker on the simple but haunting beauty of the whole thing. I’ve watched 10 episodes by now, head filled with strange yet oddly believable and highly desirable world of Mushishi. With its magical scenery, humble characters and non-judgmental story lines delivered with ease and confidence by a considerable expert, this is a series you should miss out on.