Back in 1997 the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was created .  This show ran on TV for six years, but I didn’t see it (or even know of its existence) until we got Netflix a few years ago.  My daughter and I binge-watched all 144 episodes one summer and I LOVED IT! 

When I came across another Joss Whedon series, “Firefly” – I knew I would feel the same way.  Unfortunately, this one did not last as long and was pulled  by Fox after only 11 episodes were aired.  Due to the  huge fan protest over its cancellation, a full-length movie “Serenity” (using the name of the spaceship) was made – offering a conclusion to the lives of the characters fans had come to love.

How then could I pass up this YA GRAPHIC NOVEL?  One of the best parts – aside from the amazing artwork by Will Conrad – is the introduction which was written by Nathan Fillion! (The actor who protrayed Captain Malcom Reynolds in the “Firefly” series.)

Here’s a list of quotes from the main characters that I feel give you a glimpse into their personalities:

KAYLEE – “I’m running out of ways to rewire her.  I’m a step ahead of em, but it ain’t gonna last.”

MALCOLM – “We’re in space, it’s always the middle of the night here.”

NASH – “I got this woman nearby, makes me do all manner of stupid things.”

ZOE – “I’ll back you either way, Sir!”

JAYNE – “He was crowding me and I don’t know him.”

INARA – “I’ve not found the words that do our arrangement proper justice.”

SHEPARD – “If we live our lives as we should, we give of ourselves with each entrance and exit.”

RIVER – “Ball of yarn all knotted & tangled with different weights and colors, but pull one string – you pull them all.”

SIMON – “Could you look after River while I run some tests?”

Choose which one you’d most like to meet in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Serenity by Joss Whedon

  1. I can only pick one!?!? I want to join the entire crew of Serenity. Lol. Honestly, if I could only meet one of them, I’d have to go with Kaylee. She is so sweet and kind and funny; I feel we would get along really well. 🙂

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