Annabelle vs. The Queen


Have you heard the story about the possessed doll that was picked up at an antique/thrift store and brought home only to haunt its new owners?  It’s kind of a classic story. The doll seems to move on its own and maybe even communicate telepathically. The doll brings nightmares to warn its enemies away.

Annabelle is the reportedly true story of a haunted doll. Picked up at an antique shop she wreaked havoc on a pair of young nursing students back in the 1970s. They protected Annabelle, they feared her and they couldn’t escape her until the famous ghost hunting duo Lorraine and Ed Warren confined her in their museum of Occult Museum.

Doll Bones harkens back to the tradition of horrifying relics possessed by spirits but oddly enough this one is designed for the younger end of the young adult crowd aka “middle grade.” I love this story, because it reminds me of a time when I too played make believe. Kids still in that phase will enjoy the relatable characters and teens and adults mature enough to look back with nostalgia to the magical days of freedom of imagination will be drawn to the story too. Doll Bones features “The Queen” a bone china beauty that leads a trio of friends on a dangerous adventure.

Doll Bones brings adventure, a few genuinely creepy moments and a lot of imagination.  The narrator of the story is actually a guy, which is an interesting choice for a book about a doll, and makes me love it even more!


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