I have to admit it – I decided to read this book because of the cover. It’s a pretty cool cover. Also, I enjoy a good murder mystery. Cassie is a 17-year-old who is a natural at reading people. She can study them for a few minutes and figure out what they are thinking and what they will order when she waits on their tables. She is so good at reading people that she attracts the attention of the FBI. The FBI recruits for a special program with other teens who have natural abilities. Cassie is eager to join the program in the hopes that she may be able to find the person who murdered her mother years ago.

The character development in the story is great. You get to know Cassie as well as the four other teens in the program. You also get to know the mentors of the program very well. The plot is really well written as Barnes takes us on a ride to find a serial killer. There is just the right amount of creepy factor in the book as we hear small portions from the serial killer. There was a total twist at the end, one that I didn’t see coming and I love a book that can surprise me.

The only thing that I did not like about the book was the amount of gore. I am a big fan of Patterson’s, so I can handle gore pretty well. But, the gore in this book detracted from the story and felt like it was just thrown in to and did not add to the plot. The story was good enough that all the gore was not needed to attract readers.

Overall, I would have to rate this book as a win, as long as you can handle over-the-top bloodiness.

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