How They Croaked vs. How They Choked

by Georgia Bragg

We’re constantly surrounded by glamorous interpretations of real life. Those magazines with their fancy schmancy Photoshop skills have a way of hiding some of the grim and gritty stuff in life. Every now and then you get exhausted with all the pretty lies, you just want something honest- even if it isn’t pretty. These books celebrate the macabre underbelly of life by taking a moment to recognize the horrible experiences of the freakishly famous.

I don’t often look for the nasty side of life. I like pretty things. I like successful things. I like happilly ever afters. I don’t like endings. I don’t like failing. I don’t like non-fiction. Despite all of that I absolutely love these two books.

I discovered the book How They Croaked and fell in love with the illustrations and writing style. Later  I listened to How They Choked with my handsome fella’ on audiobook and both of us enjoyed it a ton! The author puts a silly spin on sad realities. There’s something genius about finding ways to deal with the things in life we all must face but never really want to think about. I definitely recommend both of these books.

Of the two options I ever so slightly prefer How They Choked because failure happens but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing to ever happen. You can always recover from a terrible failure… only a select few ever make a comeback from death.

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