Devon Davenport is a straight-A student, a soccer phenomenon, and takes care of a mother who acts more like a teenager than she does. Will any of that matter as she faces criminal charges for the attempted murder of her newborn child?

After by Amy Efaw looks into the life of a teenage girl desperate and unsure of what to do after throwing her newborn child in the trash. The story engages the reader and asks whether it is possible that Devon was in denial during her entire pregnancy and for the birth of her child or was just heartless in her decision to abandon the baby in a trash can.

For me the book was a DRAW. It had wonderful build up but much of it was too dramatic for me. This was an “out of my comfort zone” book and I was horrified at the beginning of the story, but the overall look into teen mothers who have been in denial of such an event in their lives was an eye opener. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in realistic life stories.

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