Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I must admit that I was very skeptical when this book was recommended to me….Aliens? Really?

My favorite genre is fantasy, closely followed by sci-fi, so there is no reason why this book would not appeal to me.  But I think I am just too used to reading about vampires and werewolves that for some reason aliens sounded far-fetched to me.  Go figure!

Contrary to my initial reaction, this book was awesome!  I sat and finished the second half of the book in one sitting because I could not put it down.  There are also 4 books in this series currently, so I cannot wait to pick up #2!  I loved the characters witty banter and complex relationship.  It was so refreshing to see a teen book where the main character did not immediately fall in love with a boy that she barely knew!  Below is a little teaser of the storyline to get you hooked:

This book centers around Katy, who just moved to West Virginia with her mother after her father died of cancer.  Katy is an introvert, her favorite things to do are to read and blog about her favorite books.  This worries Katy’s mother who wants her to go out and make new friends.  Trying to make her mother happy, Katy goes next door to introduce herself to her new neighbors and to inquire where the nearest grocery store is.  When she knocks on the door, a gorgeous, shirt-less boy answers.  Katy is stunned into silence as she appreciates the hot guy standing in front of her, that is until he opens him mouth…

Damon might be hot, but his attitude sucks!  After being insulted and belittled by him Katy storms off his porch, hoping never to see him again.  Unfortunately, Katy does see him again as she forms a bond and becomes best friends with Damon’s sister, Dee.  Where as Damon is a grumpy, cloudy day, Dee is all sunshine and rainbows.  As Katy is forced to interact with Damon, she sees glimpses of a nicer side of him…but it never stays around for long.

Soon, Katy mistakenly learns a big secret about Dee and Damon.  One that will put her into a lot of danger…

Pick up Obsidian to see what happens next!

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