School Starts Today

Hooray!  There is school today!  What?  Aren’t you feelin’ it?  That first day of school magic.  No?  Just imagine all you will learn, the friends you will get to see, the big cookies from the lunchroom – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Remember those cookies, warm chocolate chip – Mmmmm… Cookies.  Don’t think about the homework, the disgusting bathrooms, the jerks.  Just think about the – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Forget about the heartbreaks that will inevitably happen to you, the stench of the locker room and the lectures you may receive.  Just think about the – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Close your eyes and imagine the smell, the taste, the school lunchroom – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Ok now that I’ve got you pumped up, go eat a Carrot and read a book about high school!