Bound by Night by Amanda Ashley


This adult novel about a young woman named Elena who has been living with her drunk uncle.  To escape, she flees to an “abandoned” castle on a hill called Wolfram Estate.  Once at the estate, she discovers that it not abandoned, in fact a gorgeous man lives there…

Drake is hardly interested in humans any more, except for nurishment.  As a vampire, he neeeds their blood to survive.  Then he sees the lovely Elena step foot into his castle and he is intrigued.  He decides to let her stay with him in Wolfram Estate, so she does not have to return to her uncle.  He soon finds that he enjoys having her around, but does she feel the same way?  And how will she feel if she finds out his secret?

I enjoyed this tale from Amanada Ashley.  This was my first read for this author.  Although there were some parts of the story that I found unbelievable (that Drake would just let this human stay in his castle, provide her meals and clothes, etc.).  If you can look past that, it is an entertaining story.  The characters are not the most well developed ones I have ever read about, but they will keep you reading so that you can find out what happens to them.  Overall, this story was entertaining enough to keep me reading and I would pick up another one of the authors books and see how it goes.  If you enjoy paranormal romance, give this book a try and let me know what you think!

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