Mouseguard: Fall 1152


The Tale of Despereaux


Mice & Mystics 


These are the stories of heroic mice and their adventures. How many stories of heroic mice can there possibly be? Which one is the best? Stick with me, I’ll break it all down for you!

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Tale of Despereaux

So this is a “Once Upon a Time” story. It reads like a fairy tale, and I, for one, very much like fairy tales. Despereaux is a tiny mouse with big ears and ideas that are not very mousy. He is occasionally ridiculous but noble and clever. The best thing about this tale of Despereaux is that it is the kind of book that can be shared with younger people. Technically, I found it on a shelf in the Children’s section. I wish desperately that I had read this story when I was younger, because I feel it is the kind of book that leaves a lasting impression. I suppose, I feel like it is the kind of book that changes the way you look at life. I listened to this audiobook with a friend and he was equally charmed by the adventures and fascinated that a children’s book might instruct readers on how to torture someone. Like I said, it is the kind of book that changes big important things and definitely leaves an impression. Winner of the 2004 Newbery Medal!

Mouse Guard: 1152 by David Petersen

Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard is the first of a series of graphic novels following mice warriors that embark on a quest to locate a missing merchant. This graphic novel is a work of art! The mice are adorable, and their faces are adorably expressive. This story is a hard core battle for survival. It looks like it might be a children’s adventure, but as the series matures, there are some gruesome moments that could give a younger child nightmares! There’s a complexity to the story that might surprise some readers. For me, I fell completely in love with the art work, the story, and the world. If you fondly remember The Warriors graphic novels and books by Erin Hunter, but you are ready to level up, this is the series for you! Eisner Award recipient!

Mice & Mystics by Jerry Hawthorne


So, we’ve had a chapter book, a graphic novel and now, Dear Readers, I have something completely different and new: a board game. This board game is called Mice & Mystics. This is a board game with strong narrative components. In fact, the board game plays like a bedtime story- but trust me you won’t fall asleep. In this story the characters live in a kingdom that is being taken over by a malicious witch and she plans to overthrow the king. Somehow (no spoilers!) a group of people loyal to the king are turned into mice to escape the wicked witch. In response, she sends her personal guard of rats after them. They are chased from board to board where they encounter other characters and obstacles. The story unfolds chapter by chapter in a manner that is interactive and extremely engaging. Golden Geek award winner! UK Game Expo Best Boardgame winner!



So, which mouse adventure do I like the best?
Well, I like them all for different reasons and in different ways. All three are winners! Also, I am very much aware that there are other stories of adventurous mice I’ve left out of the running. That just seems unfair so I can’t declare a firm winner.

Want more stories of adventurous mice?

Redwall Series by Brian Jacques (This is on my to read list.)

Maus by Art Spiegelman (This is a nonfiction graphic novel.)

Geronimo Stilton (This one is for little kids.)

Ralph the Mouse Series by Beverly Cleary (This is an old classic children’s series.)


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