Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe was a nice break from dystopian literature. I am a fan of realistic fiction and this book falls into that category. It was a 2013 Printz honor book (in case that kind of thing is important to you). This book is also LGTBQ. So, now that we’ve established all that, let’s get onto the review!

Aristotle (Ari) and Dante are two Mexican-American teens growing up in Texas in the late 80’s. They live in the same town, but attend different high schools and come from different family backgrounds. They meet at the community swimming pool when Dante offers to teach Ari to swim. And their relationship develops from there. Up until they meet, both boys have been loners. Ari has a tendency to be withdrawn and is tough. Dante is more outgoing and emotional. When Ari saves Dante from being run over by a car and has both his legs run over, their relationship becomes more complicated.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone he likes realistic fiction. Both boys deal with everyday things in high school drugs, alcohol, learning to drive, their first love, becoming independent from their families. Dante is very open about his sexuality (he is gay) and has to deal with coming out to his family and is the victim of a hate crime. I would recommend this book to any teen, straight or LGTBQ. A great read.

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