These are the stories of two Native American warriors, both named Lozen.

In legends, Lozen the Apache warrior led her people across a river before wading back into battle. She could locate the enemy with a prayer. She had a mind for tactics that made her invaluable to her people and her brother, the leader of their people. It is said that Lozen rode with Geronimo and other Apache heroes, and in my mind I can see her atop a dark horse looking  fearsome- never wavering. The Lozen of legend was a formidable warrior and a strong woman.

Killer of Enemies

In Killer of Enemies the main character was named after the Lozen of legend. In this story, Lozen is fighting for her people. She too can find and kill her enemies but her enemies are not all human. The Lozen in this story fights monsters, genetically altered creatures that have killed off humanity and chased the survivors into fortified places. There’s some sci-fi, steampunk type stuff in this story, and it is all so good! This Lozen is fierce, she’s amazing in ways you can’t even imagine until you read the books. Which is why you must go forth, Dear Reader, and read.

By the time you get to the end of Killer of Enemies maybe you’ll want to know about the REAL Lozen and her amazing heroic deeds. Check out some of these Non-Fiction titles for more warrior women, including Lozen:

Warrior Woman: The Story of Lozen, Apache Warrior and Shaman by Peter Aleshire

Wise Women : from Pocahontas to Sarah Winnemucca, Remarkable Stories of Native American Trailblazers by Erin H. Turner

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon: Women Soldiers and Patriots of the Western Frontier by JoAnn Chartier

(Hint: You can’t find She Wore a Yellow Ribbon at a Chesapeake Public Library, but we have an InterLibrary Loan program and we might be able to borrow it from another library, maybe even our friends at the Virginia Beach Public Library.)
Special thanks to Edelweiss, Joseph Bruchac and Tu Books for sharing such an awesome book with me for free!

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