six months later

You think your summer is going by fast! Chloe fell asleep during study hall on a sunny May day of her junior year and awoke to a dark cold classroom in November of her senior year. In this new life, she is finding she now has everything she wanted, but everything is terribly wrong!

•She is now dating the boy she had a crush on last year. But when he touches her, her blood runs cold

•She is an academic superstar and one of the most popular girls in school, but her best friend, since elementary school, wants nothing to do with her

Chloe is desperate to find out what happened. This new life doesn’t feel right and there are so many missing pieces.

Verdict: Win

This story moves along at a great pace and will keep you guessing.    I was guessing through half of the book about what caused Chloe’s memory lost and guessing through the other half on who Chloe could trust.

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