What won’t girls do to be popular?


10 Things to do Before You’re 16 by Caroline Plaisted is  a funny little story (148 pages) about two British girlfriends who want to be popular.  They make a list of all the things they think they need to do to achieve that goal.  Unfortunately, things don’t turn out quite like they expected!


In The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life by Lauren Myracle it only takes 125 pages to find out about Allie, who wanted to make a big impression on everyone upon entering 7th grade, but NOT in the way it actually happened!  I had to check this book out because I once worked with a MAN who had the same thing happen to him, and it was hilarious! (Well, for the rest of us – for him, not so much.)


Both of these stories were obviously written with the younger teen in mind and done well.  All the tribulations of trying to fit in at school, getting along with your family, and finding out where you belong in the world are all part of the angst of growing up.  Everyone goes through it and we all survive.  Seriously, you’ll joke about it later!
Both books made me laugh and I identified with some of the actions taken by the characters. These are quick reads – give them a try!

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